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After moving to Los Angeles to attend college and graduating from University of Southern California with a degree in music composition, Jeffrey began playing in bands and performed in numerous clubs in and around Hollywood on the famous Sunset Strip.  At the same time, he also began honing his craft of writing music to picture, utilizing not only his background in contemporary popular music, but his formal education in classical and orchestral music.  He works in a wide range of styles and genres and creates a unique sound for every project, while at the same time dfining a sound that is truly his own.

His career started with a bang when the theatrical trailer for "Dances with Wolves" earned a Clio Award for Best Music in a Theatrical Trailer, on which Jeffrey did music production and arranging.  Since then he has earned other awards, including a Codie Award for Best Use of Music and Sound in Multimedia for his work on the CD-ROM game "Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail."  His work can currently be heard on the long running hit television show "Entertainment Tonight" and has been featured in A&E's hit show "Biography."  Jeff's music can also be heard on a number of shows on the Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel including "World of Wonder," "Earth's Fury," and "Without Warning."  Jeffrey's score for the feature film "Rave" (airing on Showtime Networks after screening in Cannes and Los Angeles) has been getting great reviews.  Also featuring his music, the film "Postmark Paradise" has won numerous "Best Feature Film" awards at festivals around the country including the Northampton Film Festival and Film Fest New Haven, and is set for imminent release.  Jeff recently completed the score for the short film "MIRROR MAN" (directed by Tom Grane), which will be doing the festival circuit and has already been well received by major studio executives.

Developing his skills as a sound designer while working at Serafine Studios in Venice, Jeffrey created and edited sound effects for Fox's "VR-5," starring Lori Singer, and Paramount Pictures' "Virtuosity," starring Denzel Washington.  He quickly moved up, becoming Supervising Sound Designer at 7th Level Studios and went on to create award winning music and sound design for a number of top selling video game titles such as "Ace Ventura," Disney's "The Lion King: Timon and Pumbaa's Jungle Games," Disney's "The Hunchback of Norte Dame: Topsy Turvy Games," and Disney's "Tarzan Activity Center."  He also created the sound design for a number of edutainment titles including the popular "Math Blaster," "Reading Blaster," and "Reader Rabbit" series of games.

Not forgetting his songwriting roots, Jeffrey has recently written songs for film including the feature film "Angel's Dance", starring Jim Belushi, which recently aired on HBO.  He also produced and arranged two songs on the album "Smoke" from Grammy Award nominated recording artist CCH Pounder, which has been getting national airplay.  Jeffrey also works with many other recording artists as a producer and arranger, helping them to define their sound and bring their creative ideas to fruition.0

Jeffrey R. Gund is an award winning composer and sound designer with over a decade of experience working on high profile projects including award winning films, hundreds of episodes of primetime television, and top selling video games with companies such as Paramount, Disney, Fox, New Line, and Orion Pictures, and has written and produced songs for Grammy nominated recording artists.